Today I want to share some facts to show you that golf is not only a social sport where you keep in touch with friends,  but it is actually a sport that can help you mentally and physically by being a great stress reliever.  Golf is one of those sports that provides a stimulating mental challenge combined with a healthy walk and can be played by people of all abilities and ages.


What is the Therapeutic benefits in golf as a sport?


  • Build body strength – Walking on the course definitely is a stretching exercise!
  • Balance – By walking on different surfaces and bending down to pick up golf balls – it will enhance body balance
  • Grip Strength – Increase strength in your fingers
  • Social Skills – Participating in groups
  • Decision making skills – What club to use when and distance knowledge
  • Calculating – Work with numbers and score cards
  • Direction Finding – To find your way around a golf course
  • Short and long term memory – Remember score, which hole you on and what club to use.


Golf can improve the quality of your life.  It is never too late,  Tee Off on your healthy journey to restore your body and experience the healing power of GOLF!


Tee off love,

Diana Bellingan


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