Tee off in South Africa not only promotes golfing outfits that are stylish and fashionable for our golfing men and women out there, but we also love to find that perfect outfit for our little “pro-golfers” in the making that will overwhelm everyone with it’s cuteness!


Moms and dad’s take note – you are not the only ones that can be fabulous on the golf course, your little boy or girl can take the shine in these little outfits whether they are on or off the golf course.


If you are looking for a gift to share with a special friend who has a little one, let us guide you in the right direction. First thing to remember is that nobody can resist a little baby or child dressed like his/her daddy. Secondly, if your friend is a golfer, he/she is guaranteed to draw attention on the golf course with these cute outfits (which will distract everyone from a bad golf score – win, win!?) and lastly cute golfer outfits might awaken the golf lover in your child who could potentially develop into a pro golfer – now who doesn’t want that for their child!

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Do you know of any particular fashion labels that sells cute golfer clothes for children? Comment below and share with all our golfing parents out there!

Tee off Love,

Diana Bellingan


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