Every parent wants the best for their child and tries to prepare them for life as best as they can.  Family is one of the things we have to treasure and what better way to build that special bond and relation between father and son, mother and daughter or even better, the entire household including the dog than to spent time on the golf course.  It can even turn out to be a bit of good clean fun by competing for that winning title (which can be used to teach your child about being competitive and how to show good sportsmanship!)


For those of you wondering “How can I get my child or family interest in the gentleman’s game of golf?”, here’s some ideas that you could consider for your children:


  •  A Good way to start is to take your kid to a miniature golf course.  There you can have fun on a playful way without the intimidation of only adults on the golf course.
  • Be sure he doesn’t associate golf with work, such as letting your kid carry the bag while your playing.
  • Let him/her know what great exercise golf is for the body as well as the mind.
  • Take your kid to the driving range and allow them to bring a friend or two and let them hit some balls without trying to get them to get that perfect swing. This can be a fun time that will help them to look at golf in a more fun way.
  • Take your kids to play with you but not on a time you will expect a lot of player on the field.  This will help you relax and not worry about other player game that you mate slow down.
  • Watch a PGA Tour event with them live or in person, this can be exciting, especially if it is a major or being at a tournament watching the pros in real live and let them see and experience how far the pros can hit a golf ball.
  • Start playing on a course that your kid can handle.  A par-3 course would be ideal to start on.  Where you can teach them the in and out of the game, start with the basic rules.
  • For beginners rather avoid any direct competition until they have gained experience and feel comfortable playing with other people.
  • And last but not least,  when you take your kid with when you play, be on your best behavior no matter how you are playing so that your kid do not link golf to throwing and tantrum when a shot goes off target.


I hope you find these ideas helpful on how to get your children involved in the best sport ever. If you have any other ideas/strategies or tactics that you’ve tried and tested, please comment and share below.  Happy family golfing!


Tee off Love,

Diana Bellingan


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