If you looking for a new driver to tee off in 2017, we have tested 6 drivers that might tickle your fancy:

Titleist 917 D2 and D3:


Let’s tee off with the Titleist 917 D2 and D3.  We don’t see a new driver from Titleist every year, but when they do release a new one, it’s always worth trying out as this brand never disappoints.  The D2 is 460CC while the D3 module is a 440CC, meaning lower launch and spin.  The driver come with adjustable head which mean you can set the low and raise spin rates as needed as well as adjustable weight that allows to set the gravity and that again will help the fade and draw.  Quite impressive!

 Callaway Big Bertha Fusion:


The new Callaway is a winner just because of the material used in this design. There are two things that make this driver unbelievable:  The EXO-Cage makes the head extremely strong, saving you a lot of  weight that can be used more effectively and secondly the Triaxial Carbon is 65% lighter than Titanium, and 34% thinner then the material Callaway has used before.  The result is a 17% increase in MOI which is huge and the driver is available with a 44.5 inch shaft that makes this driver far easier to control. This is a great driver to consider if you looking for a driver that can hit straighter.

Srixon Z565  and Z765:


Best described as “The Ripple Effect.” The power Wave sole is designed to absorb more stress at impact.  The Z565 is a 460CC head, and according to Srixon this driver is more forgiving.  The crown is thinner to save weight and the Cup Face extended to extend a larger sweet spot.  The Z765 features a 445CC head that is more workable and offers a more penetrating ball flight. If you looking for a real stunner to be added to your golf bag, Srixon never disappoints in that classic look!

PING G (no numbers after the G anymore):


PING’s always unique when it comes to their drivers design.  This driver looks like nothing else on the market. The brand new Ping G Driver (the crown of the G features) is the lightest crowned driver Ping have ever designed.  The weight can be moved lower and deeper in the head to increase the MOI of the head. Available in a low spin LS TEC as well as a draw biased SF TEC module.  If you what to draw attention this driver, it comes in a PINK and BLACK version inspired by Bubba Watson.

TaylorMade M2:


The M2 is the second driver in the line from TaylorMade.  If you are looking for forgiveness and distance than this baby is a must to try out.  The crown is made of carbon which are a light weight material and the weight has been put where it’s needed to help you drive longer and more straight.  The speed Pocket was redesigned and the recess behind the face no allow more flexibility on impact.

Some advice for all that golfer looking for that perfect driver for your type of golf swing: The best thing to do is to go and spend time on the driving range. There is more than enough new toys to play with before you make that important decision of which driver fits your golf swing.

Tee off with a smile!

Diana Bellingan


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