Are you one of those golfers that puts your golf clubs anywhere in the bag and with every shot you first have to scratch for the right club while everyone is waiting? Change that old habit and get your bag organized. Follow some simple steps and make the game of golf a pleasant rather than frustrating experience!

Check before you tee off that every club is at the right place. We know it’s easy after a long day of golf to just go relax at the 19th hole, but before you do so, make sure every club is in the bag where it suppose to be.



In my opinion, organized golfers enjoy the game much more than those who aren’t. Being organized will prevent you fromĀ using the wrong club and you can reap the benefits by spending more time on your line-ups. Most importantly, you will stay focused and keep your concentration on the next shot, without the struggle of shoving your club back in the bag.


Do you have any helpful tips for other golfers on organizing their golf clubs? Please share your thoughts and opinions below.

Happy Golfing,

Diana Bellingan


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