I now not all of us have the time to spend hours on the driving range, but trust me you don’t need hours of practice to lower your score. Practice your swing on the range and not the golf course that is where your swing gets better.  Real improvement comes from practice, that’s if you mean business to become the golfer that always hit straight and on target.


You only need 30 minutes once a week to work on your full swing.  The secret lays in how you practice and not how many time you spend on the range.  Devote five minutes on the following and believe me,  in now time you will be the master on the course.

  •  Never work without alignment sticks, by doing that you know that your club face, feet and hips as well as shoulders are aligned.

alignment stick

  • Stay connected meaning one-piece take-way.  If you don’t stay connected, it could create difficulty in your down swing.


  • Make sure you have enough room to swing the club down into the ball.  Make a full turn with our body and don’t just use your arms. Let your hips rotation begin the action.  Your left hip move away from the ball and right hip has moved towards the ball.hiprotationT

The ball will fly straight as the club is traveling through the impact.  Extending your right arm and keeping it extended toward the target when follow through.

perfect swing

To the master of your game you have to Practice to become Perfect

Tee off rules of the game golf



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