As a golfer, have you ever wondered what the professional golfers do to prepare for the game? Well we did some research to find out what some of the most talented golfers in the world do before a big golf game. Who knows, we might be able to apply some of these to our own golf games!

Bubba Watson: 

“I like to watch golf on TV before. I like to see what everybody’s doing, and sometimes I can pick up little things about the course that could help me.”

Zach Johnson:

“Stretch. I have a whole routine that I do with my trainer before I get to the course to make sure my muscles are all activated and firing like I want them to.”

Ernie Els:

“Talk to my family. It’s tough being on the road away from them all the time, so I like hearing from them.”

Russell Henley: 


“I always eat a big breakfast. Something with eggs. Gotta’ get my protein for the day.”

Sean O’Hair: 

“I’ll always go the gym. It doesn’t mean I’m hitting the weights hard — some guys do — but I like to get everything warmed up for the day.”

What do YOU do to prepare for a game of golf? Share your comments and let’s help our fellow golfers with some helpful tips!

Tee Off Love,

Diana Bellingan



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