I’m sure in a golfers ideal world, everyone would love this gentlemen’s game, but sadly that’s not always the case. Some men go to the course to get away from the women or from their wife and others are wondering: How to I get my lady interested in the game of golf?

According to the National Golf Foundation, the proportion of female players is right around 20-25%. In 2006, nearly 66% of all new golfers were women. There are obviously an increasing number of women interested in getting started in golf, but the problem is finding the right way to get them started and to keep them interested.

I was also one of those “golfer widowers” never knowing that I can actually enjoy the sport with my spouse.  Just by a challenge from a friend,  I started with borrowing golf clubs and from that day on I became one of the golfer ladies and enjoy every moment on the course.  I must say, I miss female company and I wish more ladies will try to play, who knows – you could be the golfer champ in the house! A little bit of competition between yourself and hubby could be fun.

As a women who’s also only started playing golf a few years ago, I have some great tips to share from a female perspective!

First of all, golf is not just for men to enjoy. You can also enjoy the beauty of the game and appreciate the beautiful golf courses out there and best off all, you can take the kids with.  Yes make it a family affair.

Secondly, don’t give up on the first try – remember every sport has it’s challenges and passions play a big roll in the game of golf.  Go for a few golf lessons which could help you in learning the basics correctly and build on that foundation.

Golf is an emotional game and some days everything goes great and then you get those days that brings all the frustration out. That is what golf is about and that is what makes the game so interesting – every time you play, it’s a challenge.

Come on ladies, let’s show the men what we made of!  I promised, your man will love spending that extra time with you and the good thing about golf is that it keeps us out of the shopping malls which is beneficial financially and we get a workout at the same time – it’s a win win situation!


See you on the golf course!!

Tee Off Love

Diana Bellingan


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