Like every year for the past 20 years, Canon South Africa is the title sponsor for the 20th edition of the Disabled Golf Open 2018.

Tee off In South Africa was priviledged to attend the event on behalf of VWSA and I’m proud to announce that VWSA will be one of the sponsors for the next two years.

This year the event was held at Magalies Park and I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see how much Magalies Park has to offer and not only for the golf lovers but for the whole family.

The South African Disabled Golf Associations better know as SADGA attract golfers from across the world and every year the event gets bigger with more participants. For this disabled golfers, it’s not only three days of golf, but it’s also a physical and mentally challenged game which contributes to making these golfers – men and woman, extra special.



To see how a person that is physically handicapped, play in a sport you’d think is impossible, is actually incredible. Players without an arm, leg or sight all competed and played like pros – this gave me new respect for these talented people and I can literally say I’ve seen it all that week – you have no excuse not to use your talent!I’ve met the most amazing men and woman on the tournament, all with their own stories.  The  journey some of them had to go through to become the person they are today and how they overcame and became the best in golf, definitely makes them all heroes in my eyes.The Tournament kicked off on Monday 14th May with very cold and wet conditions, but by the last round the weather was perfect. The Sponsored Day was on Thursday were I had the chance to play with my friend and colleague  Christo de Jager, together with Dana Eitzen from Canon and Willie Kilian.This year’s tournament winner was Mike Browne from England.  This 38 – year old leg amputee finish with a 12 shot victory and triumph on 232 in total.Next year’s golf event will be held at Magalies Park again and will be one not to be missed.  This is one to put in your calendar.  Definitely one of the most well organized golfing events in South Africa you that I’ve  attended. Bigger, better golf with more amazing golfers from all around the world to be seen in action.Well done SADGA next year we will be there to capture more magical moments.Tee off Love





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